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"Ill never 4-get"

Ill never 4-get

My name is Amanda Magana now Castanon. I remember working in Gilroy wiy Mother and brothers and sisters when we heard the kamotion of people with red and blacks flags telling us walk out of the fields, becuase of unfair wages, pesticides, and sanitary condidions.. on the other side of the street was another group people, they looked like big white american men.. wanting us to go to their side, they said they were teamsters..
Our family talked over and unanously decided to walk out of the field and join Chavez, I remember marching with Chaves, It must of been about 7mi.
I remember stopping to eat lunch as we conversed, I found him to be the most gentle,kind, engocuraging person. with such conviction, and pain for his parents and people (workers).... Ill never forget those three days…..