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"In the Fields and Behind the School Wall"

In the Fields and Behind the School Wall

I have total empathy for the farm workers because I know from personal experience just how sickening, and detrimental to our health, exposure to pesticides can be.  As a public school counselor, who was exposed to pesticides on a regular basis, at my schools…. I know just how helpless you can feel when you are forced to choose between your job and your health.

After I left my school counseling job to protect my health, I wrote a book to alert others to what goes on behind the school wall.  Then, I contacted the UFW and was honored when they contributed the powerful, heart wrenching speech that Cesar Chavez delivered in March 1989, to my book, “Behind the School Wall.”

Cesar Chavez is my hero, and I am grateful to the UFW for keeping his cause alive.  My hope is that all living creations will be able to live and work with clean air… and that our food chain will not be destroyed by toxic pesticides used on genetically modified crops, or any other crops.

My prayers are with the UFW, and I hope that everyone will wake up and support your cause… BEFORE it is too late!!!