Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"In the Hollister, Gilroy, Salinas fields"

I remember back in 1969-1970. I use to work with my father and brothers and sister out in the fields; topping garlic.  There were times when we would get to the fields and the fields were block for HUELGA. We had to go and look for other fieldsto work. We stood by the picket lines, with our signs up high.  I remember that through the Cesar Chavez funding, they would give my father $5.00 voucher for GAS!! and pick up food in a food co-operativa in Gilroy, directed by Mr. CHINO VASQUEZ (En paz descanse) I remember the many times that we would start to work and the “boycoteros would stop at the entrance of the fields and ask us to leave the fields. My father would pick up the baskets and walk out, many many times; even though probably knowing that there might not be any food on the table. But God always provided. YEAH!!  You me acuerdo!! VIVA CHAVEZ, VIVA LA HUELGA, ABAJO EL ESQUIROL>