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"Interview with Cesar"

Interview with Cesar

In 1969, my freshman year at Pomona College, I traveled with my best friend, Joan, to interview Cesar for a sociology class.  I was amazed that despite his success, importance and activism, he granted her an interview. We traveled from Claremont to the compound in Delano.  Cesar walked with us as Joan questioned him and he answered graciously. He invited us to stay with the workers and share their New Year’s menudo. When I graduated I worked as an administrator for the Indian/Migrant HeadStart in New Mexico. Years later, I attended a lecture at which Cesar spoke at the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque in protest of the numerous pesticides used in the fields that affect workers and their families. When my father passed away I found a letter Cesar had written to him thanking him for his financial support of La Causa. I still wear the Black Eagle.