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"It's Time for Our Voices to be Heard"

It's Time for Our Voices to be Heard

My journey with the UFW began in the summer of 2011. At the time the UFW was campaigning for SB 104, The Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act. I interned with the UFW and helped with SB 104. For twelve days UFW staff and 100 farm workers stood outside the Capital, waiting to see if Governor Brown would sign our bill. There were rallies, vigils, prayers, and lobby visits everyday. I remember the night Governor Brown vetoed SB 104. Farm workers, UFW staff, and supporters had camped outside the governor’s office all day waiting to see if the Governor would sign or veto our bill. As it got later in the day we all continued to wait outside the governor’s office. At some point during the night, Assembly member Luis Alejo came out to where we were all sitting and offered a chair to one of the older women. After the Assembly member brought down the chair other Assembly members and Senators followed his act of kindness. Before we knew it, everyone was sitting on a chair or some piece of furniture. It felt really good to know that the legislators cared for the well-being of the farm workers and that they were willing to go above and beyond to accommodate their needs while in the state Capital.  I recall that around 11:45 pm the Governor vetoed the bill as farm workers, UFW staff, supporters and several legislatures stood outside his office. Speaker Pérez and a few other legislators knocked on the Governor’s door and asked him to come out and explain his veto. It was upsetting to see that the Governor did not support the farm worker bill. I shared the farm workers’ frustration and pain. This experience helped me understand the hard ships farm workers face. After my internship I decided that I wanted to continue being involved in the movement and have been active since then.