Cesar Chavez

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"Justicia y Solidaridad"

I have many fond memories of the struggle for justice in the fields. I recall going with my wife and children to La Paz to visit Dale Van Pelt who was on the UFW staff there. Then there were many days of boycotts’ walking, talking, handbilling in front of grocery stores in Portland when I was chair of the labor committee to support the farm workers.  In 1976 UFW organizers came from many places to work in Oregon for the campaign of then California Governor Jerry Brown to win the Democratic presidential primary in that state.What dedication, determination as the UFW remembered that Brown had supported the union, and now the UFW was supporting him. Then I moved to Seattle, and there were many hours of boycotting in front of stores, especially Safeway, in the grapes and lettuce boycotts. Fred Ross, Jr., Nancy and Sarah Welch, Tomas Villanueva, Sister Pat of the National Farm Worker Ministry and so many more involved in the La Lucha will aways be remembered by me.
After a long boycott that gained much support from many labor unions, including some outside the United States, many churches, consumers, and especially farm workers in the fields, the UFW won an election in 1995 to represent Chateau Ste. Michelle in Washington State. Viva la victoria!