Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Ken Jordan UAW Member"

In 1975 as part of the UAW group sent to help the Farm Workers I joined the organizing drive at Gallo Wine in Turlock CA. I went from there to Salinas where I worked in the Bud Antle and Interharvest drives.  As time went on I mostly handled pre-election conferences and CNLRB complaints in most of the elections in the Salinas Valley.

One incident that I remember was being attacked at a labor camp. When a law enforcement officer interviened they got out their shotguns and turned the guard dogs loose. The Officer and I stood on top of his car while he called for backup. After a while one other officer showed up. At this point he got off the car, crawled under the gate wrestled the offender to the ground cuffed him and dragged him under the gate to the patrol car.

As the harvest season slowed down around Salinas I moved to Calxico in the Imperial Valley.  There I continued to do election confernces and NLRB work. I also negotiated some agreements with smaller companies.  I also worked with Ernie Moran who was negotiating the Interharvest national agreement. (Ernie was a retired UAW rep who was once an AA to Walter Reuther.)  I Stayed in Calixaco until late march of 1976 when I returned to Lubbock, TX where I was president and bargaining chairman for UAW Local 1621. Of the 30 or so UAW members who started out I was the last to leave

This was a very intersting and satisfying year in my life.