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"Kern County Jail with Caesar Chavez"

Kern County Jail with Caesar Chavez

I had just graduated from high school.  Our minister took a few of us from the Hayward/San Lorenzo community down to Delano where we picketed peacefully and non-violently along the fields.  The Kern County Sheriff attacked us with dogs.  We were all arrested and taken to Kern County Jail.
    We filled the jail with church hymns and freedom songs.  They closed the windows and turned up the heat to an unbearable level to shut us up.  We sang louder.  Then we took off all our clothes . Other inmates joined in with us. The jailers just could not stand to see a jail full of stark naked, hymn singing, men and boys. KERN COUNTY JAIL WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!
    The judge released us all on our own recognizance.

Dr. Ronald Eastwood, Stockton, California now 71 years old and still marching! ;-)