Cesar Chavez

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""La vida de un Campesino Tejano/Del Rio, Texas/San Felipe-1960's""

My name is Ricardo A. Chavira-born and raised in Del Rio, Texas/San Felipe High School. As a youngster, we all traveled to San Jose, California to harvest the fields-picking Strawberries and Prunes (Gilroy, California)-and the Apricots and Grapes (San Jose, Berryessa and Santa Clara). The 1960’s was a very difficult time for the Chavira family-having to travel 3-long days from Del Rio to California…, but it a mission that our parents wanted us to reach… to make us a stronger and “familia”. Later on in the 1960’s, we continue to travel to harvest the beets (Yoder, Wyoming) and the “pepinos” (Watoma, Wisconsin)-and again the legacy from my parents continue and they would say “para que se ensenen a trabajar y se hagan hombres fuertes. ” Gracias a Dios our entire family graduated from San Felipe High School (Del Rio) and survived the “the struggles and finacial hardships” of “la vida de un migrante en 1960’s. ”
Gracias, y Que Viva Cesar Chavez por Siempre !