Cesar Chavez

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to help Cesar's cause

"Labor of Love"

Labor of Love

I was a Teamster in Los Angeles for 33 years.I honored the Grape Strike,that Cesar started.Yes even back then you could see he was on the right track,when every one was against him and what he wanted for his people,and Union.I was impressed at the marches,and the never give up attitude that we should all have especially now with the Right wing doing all in their power to destroy Unions.They have an agenda,like Cesar had,and he stuck to it.I think the thing that he did to Form the UFW ,is fortitude,and persistance,which is greatly needed for todays Unions,despite the pressure from Corporations,there is a work to be done,and it is time to fight back.Boycott their products,because like Cesar did with the grape strike,and when they lose money which is their Achilles Heal.they can come to the table,or go out of business.That is the chance that has to be taken,because they are not going to give it to you ,you have to take it from them.It takes time,but they can be worn down.May God bless your activities,and keep that spirit that he had,and you will succeed. Phil Pinto