Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause



My sisters and I came out on strike in 1975, it was a very long struggle.  I was there when Juan De La Cruz was shot, and Naji was killed. Cesar called the stiked off and a lot of farm workers went out to Boycott. I met Cesar during the strike, told me to go to La Paz and apply for a job there.  I did and I started working in the Work Department with Avelina and Bob Coriel. I was there for 4 and half years.  After I left the union I still supported the UFW, I would do presentations at schools out here in Pasadena and at the Library. I learned a lot from Cesar during the time I was in La Paz, he would call me after work to walk him home.
Viva La Union

Juanita Galindo-Espino