Cesar Chavez

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to help Cesar's cause

"Learning and helping those in need!"

Learning and helping those in need!

I first started volunteering with the UFW in 1999 when I met a wonderful man named Cuauhtemoc. He is a avid volunteer and supporter of the UFW. He took me with him to different events and I was so inspired by all the hard work that the farm workers go thru every day of their lives. For the last 12 yrs we have helped in many campaigns and marches with the UFW. We walked miles knocking on voters doors tring to get votes on many different campaigns especially for Christine Chavez when she ran for Assembly. We also helped on Obamas campaign. We’ve gone to many many walk a thons in honor of Cesar Chavez. These are so wonderful! I’m sad that there hasn’t been one in L.A for the last 2yrs. Cuauhtemoc and I did security each time. Cuauhtemoc is also one of the people who helped to get the State Cesar Chavez Holiday I’m proud to say. I also helped. If you really want something you can get it just believe in yourself and it will happen because Si Se Pude! I’ve enjoyed meeting many people from the Chavez family and one of the best days of my life was when I went to La Paz and saw where Cesar is buried. It was so peaceful there & beautiful. I’ve made many friends and met many people throughout the years. To this day I do not eat grapes! I will be sure to teach my grandchildren all about the UFW and Cesar Chavez. I even took my two boys to Sacramento once on a bus in support of a bill. They enjoyed it! I have so many memories & I plan to continue making more memories with my support to the UFW. Thank you all for inspiring me and helping grow and learn in my life.