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"Like my sister Terri Jacinto-Foster, I now share my own story.... :)"

Like my sister Terri Jacinto-Foster, I now share my own story.... :)

I also recall our mom asking us to join the march, however, my response, as I recall it, was something like “heck no, I’ve had it with fields!”  This was circa 1974, during the hilt of the Chavez Huelga! Had I known then what I came to know many years later, I’m sure my decision would have been a differnt one; alas, immaturity and ignorance had played a role….

I was almost born in a Parlier, CA cotton field in ‘51, but my parents made it the the Fresno County Hospital, where my mother gave birth - 3 years later our younger sister would be born in the same hospital, but by then we’d migrated to Huron - I think, I may have this backwards :).  My two elder brothers do remember living in tents at the time -I’ll add that mom worked the fields throughout her pregnancies in order to help with the simpliest of living conditions.

Circa 1956 we are Campell, CA bound - 7 of us, in a small grey Studebaker…with our parents’ lifetime collection of various wares, both inside and outside of the vehicle. In Campbell we lived on a strawberry farm. My husband and I laugh as he and his family, about the same time, left El Centro, CA in a Beverly Hillbillies type truck - 9 of them. Our paths may have “crossed” even that early in our lives on Highway 99. HA!

Anyhow, I believe it was about 1958 when the owner of the Campbell farm, with my sister standing on the running board of his truck - took off, whereupon she fell hurting herself - serious enough for mom and dad to hire an attorney. The owner being upset at these relevations; and on our return to the shack we inhabited on his property, had taken down the entire side of the shack!  I still remember this…and we were uprooted to the Brenden House, a home downtown San Jose for “homeless familities,” but no husbands were allowed…I don’t remember where my dad lived at the time - but I do remember he was still working the fields.

I also remember our mom being a member of CSO in the late 50’s and into the 60’s. As a matter of fact, I recall going to meetings w/ her on Jackson Ave., in San Jose, albeit way to young to know what the early farmworkers drive was about.

So these are only some of my own memories…I have more, lots more! Thank you for reading, y que Dios los bendiga!  Feliz Dia De Cesar E. Chavez!!