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"Listening To Cesar Chavez"

Listening To Cesar Chavez

One day back in 1977 or 1978, I went to listen to Cesar Chavez speak at a Catholic Church in East L. A.  He was going to tell us about the lettuce boycott that was happening back then.  There was a good crowd and we were all excited, waiting for him to appear.  I found some others who were interested and we talked in small groups about the economic situation.  I took a few Business Administration classes in colleges, like Economics 101, but I had been been reading the newspapers and wanted to contribute my ideas.  I was carried away with enthusiasm when I turned around and saw that he was standing next to me!  I was speechless and made room for him to pass through the crowd to the front.
Then he spoke about something I never expected to hear.  He spoke about the workers in the fields and how they prayed and spoke to the plants as they planted them.  I had never had the slightest inkling that there was any sort of connection between the United Farm Workers union members and their work, planting and sewing crops that were as much theirs and the farm owners, except the owners sold them while the workers sold their sweat.