Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Little Steps go a Long Way"

As a young boy, I remember getting into the buses with my parents.  All of us had to get up so early to pick berries in south San Jose or to Salinas to work in the lettuce fields. 
As a young man going to college at Santa Clara University, I remember listening to the messages of our Farmworker plight by Dolores Huerta, Teatro Campesino, and Cesar Chavez and learned so much form the actions of these humble leaders.  There, I joined the picket line in support of the grape boycott.  My brother and I would organize fundraiser dances to support the local UFW office in San Jose. 
As a young medical student, I remember coordinating an invitation to bring the Teatro Campesino to our campus and hospital at UCSF in San Francisco. 
As I got older, my family and I were always trying to support UFW.  Eventually I worked for several years in clinics located in Salinas, Soledad and King City providing primary health services and addressing the health needs of many farmworkers and their families.
Now and for the past twenty years, I have lived in Texas along the Texas-Mexico border involved in clinical teaching of medical students and young physicians.  We still see many farmworkers pass thru our doors, sharing memories and past experiences.  Looking back, I realize how all of the little steps have brought us a long way and still there is more to come.