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"Living the Legacy of Cesar E. Chavez"

Living the Legacy of Cesar E. Chavez

As I have learned more about La Causa I realize how important it is to be involved.  Activism is not new to me, it is something I enjoy and am passionate about.  This year I got involved with the Latino Student Union at my university and when no one volunteered to chair the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge, I decided to.  I think there were doubters since I am ‘only a freshman’ but the more I learned about organizing and so many of the things Cesar E. Chavez accomplished, the more dedicated and committed I became to make 2012 the best and biggest Blood Drive we have had at Bowling Green State University.  I went out into the community to get donations, recruited m friends to help, made presentations to school organizations to get their support and donations and now we are in the home stretch.  Our event is this week and I am proud to organize, proud to make a difference, proud to honor the legacy of such a great man!