Cesar Chavez

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to help Cesar's cause

"March to Sacramento, 1966"

March to Sacramento, 1966

My father, Henry, was an early supporter of the UFWA. He had a strong belief in the value of the work done by farm workers and felt that many growers mistreated and exploited their help.  I was young at the time, not even a teenager, and traveled with my father to meetings, rallies, etc.  during the March to Sacramento in 1966 we joined in and became more involved with the UFWA.  I am honored to be in the attached photo, I am the girl with the curly hair just to the right of Cesar.  I went on to be an activist in high school and college; always supporting the UFW causes and then went to work for the UFW when I ended my college career.  I first worked in the organizing department out of the Selma Field Office, then was trained in contract negotiations.  I eventually went to Sacramento to work the lobbying effort for the Agricultural Labor Relations Act.  After we successfully lobbied the ALRA, I was assigned to the Legal Department and investigated cases of unfair labor practices in the areas between Delano and Livingston.  I went to live in La Paz, the National Headquarters, and left the UFW in 1978.  The training I received from the UFW allowed me to apply for, and get, a job with Fresno County as a criminal investigator.  I held this position until my retirement in 2007.  I will be forever grateful to the UFW for educating me in areas that schools can never teach; the kinds of things you have to experience in order to understand.  Since leaving the UFW I have tried to help out in whatever way I can.