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"Marching with Joan Baez"

Marching with Joan Baez

In 1975, I was 18 years old and joined a group of UFW organizers who were preparing for the March to the Gallo Winery in Modesto.  My sisters and myself spent weeks making flags, organizing pins and shirts and we spent hours preparing refreshments that would be served to the marchers.  We waited for the group to come to Modesto Junior College West Campus and when they arrived they were served drinks and food.  After a brief stop the march began again, my sisters and myself joined the march to have the voices of farmworkers heard by Gallo Wineries decision makers. During the long walk I somehow became seperated from my sisters, when I looked around I noticed Joan Baez was walking beside me.  We had a long conversation as we walked (I couldn’t tell you what we talked about) but I will never forget that I was able to walk with someone whom I admired not just for her voice and music but also for courage to make a stand for those less fortunate than herself.  She probably wouldn’t remember me; but I will always remember her.