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"MECHA and the UFW"

MECHA and the UFW

In 1973 I was attending Los Angeles City College, and on my first day of school, as a lost freshman, I managed to find my way to my first class, sociology, and happened to sit next to a classmate who struck up a conversation with me, and asked me if I would like to accompany her after class to a MECHA meeting, well I was pretty wet behind the ears for college, but I participated in the high school walkouts of 1968, so I was pretty savvy when it came to the plight of the farmworkers, after all, my own father and mother worked the fields years ago, but back to LACC, I attended that MECHA meeting, and walked out as Secretary of MECHA for that semester! and we went on to host fundraisers, and many other events that year to support the Farm workers, the icing on the cake that first day of school was at the end of the day when I went to get into my car, someone had slapped a bumper sticker on my bumper saying….NO UVAS!!! I guess I was destined!!! and that’s my story for the cause, some of the best times of my life!!!!