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"Mecha Conference @ Stanford University"

Mecha Conference @ Stanford University

I was attending the MEChA Statewide Conference the same week César E. Chavez passed. The compañeras from Stanford University just got back to Palo Alto after attending the Cesar’s Funeral and they were exhausted. A group of us, students from College of the Canyons, attended the conference and we were very excited. Unfortunately, due to a action from a femenist group on campus who leafted the event, a misunderstanding created a disruption on the program. The group was protesting the selection of Prof. Rudy Acuña as keynote speaker for the event, but it was not the moment nor the way to address this issue.

Instead of the compañeras getting praise for managing to host the event after such devastated event, some of the participants pointed fingers at them and were very disrespectful towards their work and their efforts.

The contribution of the event, was that all participants calmed down, an explanation was accepted for the incident and a motion was adopted to march to the nearest Safeway supermarket in Palo Alto. a group of about 300 students got the store manager to surrender several boxes of boycotted grapes. The students dumped the grapes outside the store as a symbolic gesture for the inspiring legacy of Cesar Chavez.

After the event, we celebrated Cesar and the UFW legacy by remembering his work and example, with the rolas of renown Chicano troubadour, Chuy Negrete, ajua!!!

Que viva la Causa!
Que viiva la Huelga!
Que Viva Cesar Chavez !