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"Mi Hermano / My Brother"

Mi Hermano / My Brother

My oldest Brother of Six, John V. Hernandez worked for a well known grower out of Clovis, CA. He worked in the fields all of his life, since he was a boy. He was the field foreman of many farmworkers. He provided EVERYTHING for his single Mother & her nine children, plus his own five children. We were a VERY strong family unit because of what he taught us. His values, respect, love, honesty, genorisity (in short he was what a Father should be). Because he provided for us all he was, “on the other side of Ceasar E. Chavez” and UFW. He was a VERY PROUD MAN and would do anything & everything for US, his family. One summer while working in Delano, CA (1969-1972 maybe) one of the demonstrators threw a rock at the back window of his pickup truck. It shattered the window, that action caused broken glass to enter the back of his head. He had to have medical attention in order to remove the glass from his head. My Mother of course was very upset @ “UFW & Mr. Chavez. Even with what he had experienced for being “on the other side” he NEVER spoke ill of Mr. Chavez. He told me years later, after he became ill, (lost one lung, had Valley Fever, and was diagnosed with Tuberculosis) and had to quit working he says to me, “Mija I applaud you for standing up in what you beleive in, (UFW & their rights) but Me, on the other hand I HAD to work for “The Man” to Provide for MY Family.  This MAN/Father Figure/Brother will live on in our hearts and will be forever indebted for what he taught us, especially by example.