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"My Dad, me and Ceasar"

My Dad, me and Ceasar

I’m 52 years old now, but I remember being a little girl in San Pedro, California and my mom brought home grapes and lettuce from the store one day.. My dad calmley told my mother “take them back”.. My mom had forgotten we were boycotting grapes and lettuce at the time to support the farmworkers. Of course my mother returned them immediately.
My dad explained to me that this is how we would try to make things better for the farmworkers and let their voices be heard.. He said to me “Clare, you’ll never see a white man picking in the fields, we have to help them and this is one way we can do it”.. My dad died when I was 17 but he taught me to respect others.  Ceasar’s work must never end.
Clare E. Carter-Ortiz