Cesar Chavez

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"My first meeting and help from Cesar Chavez"

My first meeting and help from Cesar Chavez

In 1968 Cesar Chavez asked us to visit him to thank us for our work during the grape boycott because he was fasting at that time. Four of us, students at UC Berkeley, visited Cesar at his home and spoke to him while he was in bed and already a bit weak from his fast. He told us that he was happy that our demonstrations and grape strike stopped the purchasing and selling of grapes at UC Berkeley and also wanted us to see the progress they were making building the new UFW Headquarters. We remained friends after that through our marches and struggle and I’m pleased to say that he was very supportive when Governor Jerry Brown appointed me to be on the California Unemployment Appeals Board in 1980 and a Municipal Court Judge in San Diego in 1981 Without that support, I don’t believe Governor Brown would have appointed me to that Board or to be a Judge in San Diego in 1981. I am now retired but still working on assignment in Riverside, California thanks to Cesar Chavez and his recommendations to Governor Brown. THANK YOU CESAR! YOU ARE TRULY AN INSPIRATION!

Judge Rafael A. Arreola (ret.)