Cesar Chavez

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"My Hero"

My Hero

When I started college at CSULA in 1969, I got involved with the grape boycott and helped picket Safeway stores. I did not eat a grape for years to follow until we were told to look for union picked grapes at our stores. I became a high school teacher in 1973 and just retired in 2012. In all 3 high schools that I taught, I always had a poster honoring Cesar Chavez in every classroom that I taught in. I got married in 1978 and each of our sons did history day projects for a competition in Los Angeles county. One of our sons did a skit with several classmates on the United Farm Workers. They won first place at the county level and took their performance to the state level. My wife and I made arrangements to go to the Farmworkers headquarters in Keene California where our son and his classmates performed their award winning skit in the cafeteria during the lunch hour. Delores Huerta was present as was Cesar’s daughter. The kids gave a moving presentation that was awarded with a standing ovation. As a reward for their performance, Delores took us on a tour of the facility which included admission to Cesar Chave’s office. His office had been left untouched since his passing and we admired all of the personal photos, the yellow legal pad with his last notes written, and an old lawn chair that Cesar used at his desk. I was so impressed that someone that I viewed as such a powerful man used such a humble chair to sit in. That was the true essence of why Cesar Chavez was so powerful. Later on the tour, we were further surprised to see that Cesar had been buried in the parking lot. This was an awe inspiring trip for me, my wife, my son and his friends. My wife and I and our 2 sons have all been high school teachers for our careers and we have tried to live up to Cesar’s ideals. One of our sons teachers at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Learning High School. How fitting is that, given his connection to the Farmworkers.