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"My meeting with a Great Chicano"

My meeting with a Great Chicano

I first heard and met Mr Chavez in the late 1960’s as he was schedule to come to Capital in Austin Texas, the issue was supporting Texas Fram Workers, later in the late 1970’s I was part of MAYO a Chicano student organizaiton at the Universityof Texas at Austin.
We went to every business that sold Gallo Wine and asked them to remove them from the shelfs as part of the grape boycott. Later during the long marchs to Washington D.C. we the barrio people of East Austin fed and shelters the framworkers and supports that came through Austin, The last time I met Mr. Chavez was in the mid 1990’s when he came to Austin to protest at the locat H,E,B food stores, on the chemicals in our foods. That was the last time I talked to him and took some fotos with our gente and him,  from the Barrio of East Austin, I have and will continue to support our brothers and Sisters of the UFW,  to me he is our father of our country, he has freed a lot of people.  con repecto ,Commissioner Marcos de Leon,