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"My Picketing Days"

My Picketing Days

I remember being 14 when I first started riding with all the young Chicano’s from East, North and West Denver. We’d take this little school bus, loaded in like lamb to the slaughter! Right at the gate, there were picketers throwing rocks, starting fights and trying to run people off the road as we went driving into the homes. We werre give signs and marched all the time watching for flying objects but, holding our heads and our hearts up high!! I remember marching on Washington D.C. in ‘68 I was 15 years old, a freshman with no street sense at all! Yet, I learned much from the brothers at the Crusade for Justice, the Brown Beret’s of California, the Black Berets, Reyes Tijerina from New Mexico and all the names we know from that era! It was quite an exhilirating and most educational trips I have ever had in my life!!