Cesar Chavez

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"My Story"

My name is Dolores Nunez. My story are not my story they are my grandfather. Some of the story are about my grandfather his name is Rudolph Dobales he was Cesar Chavez friend for a longtime. All the the story that my grandfather told me I love that he shared them with me. All the story were about my grandfather and Cesar Chavez. My grandfather was a supported of the UFW for a longtime. The one story that I will not forget is when he when to Cesar Chavez funeral. My mother and a family friend took my grandfather to the funeral. My mother and are friend walked the marched that they had. My grandfather did not walked the marched he was talking to Dolores H and he was in good hands so he was ok. My mother was looking for my grandfather and she could not see him because the scary was doing their job my grandfather said. My mother know that he was in good hand because he was with people that he know. My grandfather was very happy whet he told that he got to sit in the front row at the funeral. He feel so happy when he would talk about that day. I know that he LOVE Cesar Chavez because of all the story and that my grandfather could tell us all the story.