Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"My story"

Came to the US 7 years, help his dad, help with on the tomato and onion fields.  I came to this country in 1968, at 7 years old, to gain an education.  2nd grade in Texas, we migrated with the truckers to Illinois, we migrated to Indiana to the cucumber fields, then to west Texas to the jalapeno fields.  I learned to be a construction worker in Texas, and now I’m with Proyecto Azteca, a non-profit, that helps low-income people, and self-help housing.  I can build a house from scratch, and we have painters, plumbers, electricians, and other skilled workers.  I did 35 yrs of migrant working mostly in Michigan.  At 18yrs, I got my US residency, and we didnt have a problem with immigration authorities.  I would be asked if I were a citizen and I would say yes. The ranch I was working at was raided by the authorities in ‘78, and I would speak to them in English and they would be satisfied.  Also, I have three sisters.  They would ask for my papers, and I wouldnt have them because I was a minor.  Once during another raid, people scattered!  They interrogated me while others ran away.  Also worth mentioning is that I was lighter skinned than my peers.