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"My Story"

My Story

When I met Cesar Chavez I was a 17 year old run away. I worked in the fields and because of Cesar I got involved in strikes and boycotts, marches and pickets. I learned so much from him; such as handling a situation and standing up for what I believe in without the use of violence.

After I went back to my home In Pennsylvania, I continued to work for the cause by giving out flyer’s and organizing rallies and boycotting certain food products.

I worked for my father at the time in his restaurant and he fired an employee unjustly. I walked out in protest as well as most of the other employees on one of the busiest nights of the week. My father fired us all. A friend showed up with his family the next morning and we organized a protest at the restaurant. We stayed there for 2 days. Most of us were union workers so my father took the advice of his lawyer and rehired all of us.

Just recently I got involved with the Peace And Freedom Party. I have started to protest the war and the use of drones in the war to kill innocent civilians because we need to put more money toward getting more jobs here at home. I also sign petitions to support various causes such as changes that need to be made to immigration policies and human and animal rights.