Cesar Chavez

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"My Two Cents"

I worked in the kitchen of my dorm to help pay the cost of my room for my first year of college. One of my jobs was to arrange desserts on trays and put them where students could pick them up. I always put the grapes in their bowls with the soggy, withered leaves, the bugs and the cobwebs on top, to make them as unappetizing as possible so few people would take them and the number of pounds of grapes ordered would be reduced. I told other students, “I wouldn’t eat those, They’re scab grapes.”
        Later, I worked in a hospital kitchen and came into conflict with the supervisor, whom no one could stand. In the course of the matter’s appeal to the head of the hospital, the director realized I knew something about him that he would not want publicized. So the supervisor and the kitchen manager were apparently told to give me what i wanted, and what i asked for was that no more non-union grapes be bought.