Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Never too Early"

My stories are anecdotes that relate to my earliest support of the farm workers, back to the sixties.
As a family, we boycotted whatever Cesar said to boycott. My experience as a caseworker in Western New York state introduced me to the migrant labor force and the hardship and community discrimination the workers faced in the 1960s.
And so, my family grew up with the lettuce boycott and the grape boycott.
One funny, and wise, incident happened as I grocery shopped with my two year old in the supermarket cart. As he reached for something and I said, “No.”, he replied, “I know. It’s boycotted.”
The other memorable moment was when my older son, a young teen, had a ride home from summer camp. The group stopped at a local farm stand. Stuart did not buy the locally grown lettuce because he thought it might be boycotted.
They’re still socially conscious adults in their fifties; I’m [proud of them.