Cesar Chavez

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"ON The Line For The Farmworkers"

When our daughter was perhaps three years old in 1971 my now late wife and I took her and our one year old son in a backpack to a Farmworkers’ picket line outside a super market in the Boston Area where we lived at the time.  Our very headstrong little girl refused to march with us and sat down against a wall where we could see her while we marched around.  The UFW had set up a coffee and doughnuts table for the marchers and our daughter started to help herself.  I said to her, “Rohana, If you eat the Farmworkers’ doughnuts, you have to march on the Farmworkers’ picket line.”  She got up and marched. It was her first lesson in working class solidarity, and she has kept that ideal for 40 years.