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"once upon a time in salinas"

once upon a time in salinas

I remember as a child riding my bike up and down east Alisal st in Salinas ,and noticing a group of hente talking at the Winchell doughnut shop drinking coffee and eating there breakfast burritos,Safeway was there challenge, they had great big flags with eagles. I said to my self on my Schwinn stingray bike ,what are my next door neighbors doing there.? I seen my pops in the distance i believe i was twelve at the time,My dad called me over and explained to me to go home and stay away because this would not be safe,Wow little did i realize i was part of history, Today i look back and think how a great leader and his familia mi raza fought for there right of equality and justice so i can live with the pride and integrity of my raza, Gracias, Cesar.