Cesar Chavez

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"One Stone, Many Ripples"

One Stone, Many Ripples

1967 -  70 Berkeley, Ca.  We were UC students. I dedicated myself to young children at Lockwood School, Oakland.  I cried in portable Z the day Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. He was pure of heart and passionately dedicated to Cesar Chavez and his movement. We cried in each others arms the day Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.  He showed me how dedication, perseverance, and a clear vision could move mountains.  His father brought Cesar into his life and he became one of Cesar’s many ripples, enduring to this day. He brought Cesar into my life and I became one of his many ripples enduring to this day. I never told him, until now. His name is Fred Ross Jr.  For all time, it will continue, many ripples, some never known, but all forever enduring.