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"Oppose all forms of guest worker programs"

Oppose all forms of guest worker programs

I write to ask that the UFW take the opportunity and responsibility to oppose any form of guest worker program, be it AgJobs or a guest worker proposal. A central piece in immigration reform now debated in DC is a new guest worker program, championed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and leading employers of low wage labor. We need to review the manner in which present day H2 guest workers are treated as did the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their study very clearly demonstrated that a new guest worker program will only perpetuate the abuse, cheating of wages, poor working conditions and more that current H2A guest workers are treated to. Having a guest worker proposal within immigration reform is in direct contradiction to the word reform. Let’s be honest, a guest worker program is a way of ensuring cheap, accessible and disposable labor, another Bracero Program. Let us oppose the guest worker proposal while supporting true justice and reforms for the undocumented and those who will be coming in the future. Furthermore, free trade agreements will only cause more uprooting of peoples and creating a migratory stream to be channeled into a guest worker program. It is the very same corporations which support guest worker programs who also support free trade policies.

Gilbert Gonzalez
Professor Emeritus
Chicano Latino Studies
University of California, Irvine