Cesar Chavez

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"Organizing is the Solution!"

Organizing is the Solution!

My parents and family lived the beginning of the struggle in the table grape fields in Delano, CA. Some of them were arrested during a strike in the table grapes fields of Kern County.  My mother gave birth to one of my sisters at “Rodrigo Terronez Memorial Clinic” in the forty acres.
In 2005 I became part of the United Farm Workers in Delano, CA “40 acres” as Volunteer recruited by my sister Erika Oropeza - Organizer. I experienced many things like; taking access in Giumarra, house meetings in Earlimart, CA. After looking the farm workers of Giumarra Vineyards, fighting for justice after long years of abuse, discrimination and the miserable conditions. I decided to continue supporting farm workers movement because of their hope and power to change their lives.
In 2006 I was recruited by Armando Elenes to join the UFW Delano office staff as Administrative Assistant/data entry clerk. The time I spent working in the office, was very interesting to be able to help our farm worker community and members. 
2009 I had the opportunity to start a new path in the struggle as an organizer.  For me it’s an honor to work with farm workers to help them improve their lives and working conditions.
I would like to thank my family, husband and daughter for supporting and believing in me and the movement of the UFW.
Organizing is the Solution!