Cesar Chavez

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"Organizing the grape, lettuce, and Gallo wine boycotts"

Organizing the grape, lettuce, and Gallo wine boycotts

I’m a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet. I had picketed stores and gone to rallies at which Cesar and Dolores spoke,  Returning from a year of study at the Mexican American Cultureal Center in San Antonio, my social justice coordinator asked if I would be interested in organizing for the farmworkers.  I immidiately said,“YES.” Fred Ross, Sr. trained me and I went to work as a boycott organizer in Los Angeles.
I was assigned to South Central LA and organized black churches.  It was an incredible experience.  On one occasion I went up to the San Joaquin Valley and visited a camp of Filipino farmworkers who were quite old.  Many had lost fingers from the strong pesticides they handled and used.  Some of our Sisters had been arrarrested while protesting at a farm up in the Visalia area.  They were all put in a stostockade and we visited them there.  I met so many wonderful people in the solidarity movement.  It is a well-remembered page in my history.  Pat Krommer CSJ