Cesar Chavez

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"People's Hero"

People's Hero

I am not a farm worker. I am not Hispanic. I believe in Unions. I support Unions. Without unions people would have no worker’s rights. People would be trampled on by larger conglomerates and greedy bosses. It sounds so simple and yet many people are against unions. They worship their little patch of money and refuse to believe that others in lower paying jobs have rights. Without Hispanic input and work this country would be in shambles. It is not just the gardeners, farmers and labour workers that give this country its strength. The education system in South America is in fact, much higher than that of the United States. Probabilities and statistics show this through exam results. The racism, greed and idiotic obstinacy of a few selected idiots from the Republican side think they own the world. No, the world owns them. This is a simple reference to what has been happening for decades in this country. Mr. Cesar Chavez fought his small way through all the obstacles set against him, to unite the worker’s to the freedom and dignity they deserve. In short, he was and is still in the eyes of union workers and workers in general a hero. Support Unions!