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"Protest/picket Supervalue store in Vancouver west side & work security"

Protest/picket Supervalue store in Vancouver west side & work security

It started at a BC Fed. convention in the very early 70’s. Myself and many other delegates went to picket the store selling hot grapes and lettuce under a false label. Some of our sisters went shopping in the store, loaded up their cart to the max.including a lot of perishables and left it in the store, we laughed at that one and hustled the sisters out of the area. Shortly after the RCMP showed up with a cherry picker type lift truck and took pictures of us all. For the next 2 to 3 years when Cesar was a guest speaker at local conventions for the BC Fed. or IWA I would work security for Cesar or his stand in as there was an organisation that did not like like the UFW at all. I would be the first one off the elavator for Cesar/standin during their time at the conventions. Still to this day I am very fortunate and proud to have worked with Cesar and humbled at the same time.Bro. Cesar was a powerful leader and speaker as it was all from the heart. We all miss our bro. but I know with everyone of us you are still an inspiration to carry on in the same manner and with the same Trade Union principles. We miss you bro. Cesar and will always respect the leadership you gave us and even in your absence on earth still give us today. RIP my good friend.