Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause


My experiences started in the 80’s I was a young boy doing what I was told.  I did not know what boycotts, marches and campaigns meant. Not until I grew older after countless marches and boycotts at several name brand stores for selling grapes that carried pesticides that affected our people that I realized the importance of all of this. I have so many memories and stories. I remember one of greatest moments of my life, I had the privilege to witness my brother getting baptized by Cesar E Chavez in La Paz.  I grew a little older and was involved with political campaigns such as Grey Davis, Barbra Boxer and my favorite Senator John Kerry.  I had the privilege to meet him when he visited us in Iraq while I was serving in the U.S Army, but this time he was running for President I thought that was amazing here I was a young Pvt. eating lunch with who might had been the next president.  I am very fortunate to say my parents made the right decision to be part of the UFW because it had affected my life in a positive way.  I am veteran and I am working on my bachelor’s degree as well as working for a successful computer company.  Now as an adult I travel to hundreds of schools in California and run into gorgeous high schools with the highest test scores named Cesar Chavez school with a high population of Latinos attending.  I see Parks and blvds that I marched to be named Chavez.  This has taken us over 30 years to get here, I just want our gente to know if we educate ourselves we can achieve anything!  I am proud to say I had the humble opportunity to march with the great Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. Si Se Puede!! And anything is possible I know it since I have witnessed it!!