Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Pumpkin City"

It was the summer after my Tata Cesar summer pasted away.I must have been no more then 15 and i was working in the print shop. We spent all week printing forms and making buttons for the Saturday flyering.We all meet at the entrance to La Paz. We all piled into Geo Metros and headed over to the workers house. When we arrived we were greeted with we pandulce and coffee. We were paired up and sent out with flyers and maps. I remember walking Pumpkin City, CA flyering that Saturday morning. Dogs were barking and sometimes the dog stood higher then the fence that separated, but we had to put the flyer on the door or on the fence but not in the mailbox. This one house I remember seeing a union bumper sticker on the car, so i walked up like usual to put the flyer on the door, when a older man open the door and looked at me. Blowing smoke out of his mouth he said, “TEAMSTER house just keep walking”. The rest of the day just kind of seem to fade in time but i will never forget that man, that yard, that distane for what I was doing, that confusion of your pro union. Til this day i am a community organizer and that is one of my first memories of organizing.