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"Religious Values and the UFW"

Religious Values and the UFW

As a Jew, the work of social justice is central to my religious life.  Over the years I’ve found opportunities to express my religious values by supporting actions of the UFW.  In the 1970s that meant participating, and encouraging others to participate, in the boycott of table grapes.  In the 1990s, as the lay leader of the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism, I organized a delegation of Reform Jewish leaders, including Rabbi Joseph Glaser, who had worked closely with Cesar Chavez, to travel La Paz in order to connect with the newly reinvigorated organization under the leadership of Arturo Rodriguez. Shortly after that, our organization became involved with the UFW’s Strawberry Commission.  On the 10th Anniversary of the death of Cesar Chavez, I was privileged to participate in the beginning of the Peregrination from La Paz to Sacramento.  May the UFW go from strength to strength.  Evely Laser Shlensky