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"Remembering the Grape Boycott days in Oakland"

Remembering the Grape Boycott days in Oakland

In the early 1970s when the UFW initiated the Grape Boycott because the grape
growers wouldn’t recognize their workers as possible UFW union members, many
people around California picketed stores like Safeways to try to get shoppers to
ignore non-union picked grapes and other foods.
Friends and I picketed Safeways in Oakland.  My wife silkscreened posters with
the snake figure that told shoppers to get away from Safeway….was fun to make
the posters and then carry them out to march around stores.
Other thing I remember is the trip we made to Cesar Chavez’s HQ in southern
California for a weekend of helping with archives and their library. And the time
that Cesar came to the Latin American Library in Oakland for a talk and cup of tea.