Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause



I remember when we picketed in Adrian, MI and the people did not know about the reason why we were picketing.  We tried to explain to them what it meant and many understood, other threw the papers in our face.  My friend, Guadalupe DeLeon was the leader of the picket group and he was very active.  I also remember intro-ducing Cesar Chavez in a banquet we had for UFW.  I was so proud and emotional in doing so.  Biggest thrill of my life!
  I had a photo taken with him and I cherish that.  I also remember Arturo Rodriguez when he worked for us in Blissfield, Mi. for our migrant program.  I have always been involved with migrant workers, they are dear to my heart… Those were the good old days when you did something and you knew it was worth.  Blessing to all.!!!