Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Short Story"

I can’t really remember how I became involved. I do remember it was around 1997’s.98. I met Roman a young energetic man who was directing people. I participated in home meetings involving others to petition the holiday to honor Cesar Chavez. At the same time initiatives 227 and 226, (union ??) were being pushed by political parties that wanted to end unions and bilingual education. I was involved in the East L.A. area in phone banking, precint walking, and organizing the first walk to honor Cesar Chavez. ( Brooklyn Ave/Soto). I had a sign-in table. Also, bringing Cesar Chavez into the LAUSD classrooms. Exactly what I did is clear, peoples names are not. I was also part of the first dinner celebration at Lawry’s. Later, I just had classroom visitations and became less active. I continue to support and believe in the United Farmer Worker’s and it’s core belief