Cesar Chavez

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"Si, se Puede!"

Si, se Puede!

When I was a youngster, like many in those days, I had no idea how California grapes got from our beautiful Mother Earth to the produce department in the markets our parents shopped in. We never thought about it until Cesar Chavez began to educate us about the terrible plight of the farmworkers who were out in the fields picking those grapes, often in the worst conditions possible, to put them on the trucks to go to market. As soon as I became aware of the struggle of the farmworkers for the basic right to have a safe workplace, meal and rest periods, fresh water to drink, decent pay and the right to organize, I never again saw a grape or any other produce in the same way. I prayed for those who made it possible for me to eat, with new gratitude, the wonderful grapes. I was too young then but when I became old enough I supported the UFW in whatever way I could. I still stand today with farmworkers and I honor Sr. Cesar for the heroic work he did to raise awareness and improve conditions for farmworkers. Much has been done, but there is still much to do. Together, we will make it happen.  Si, se puede!