Cesar Chavez

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"silk screening for la causa"

silk screening for la causa

i come from 4 generations of undocumented workers and most of them farm workers or related jobs…as a chicano artist the farmworker struggle has always been a prime issue for me and my colegas.  at the age of 16 i was a silk screen printer at a local shop,  at night i started to print posters and bumber stickers for the boycott.  i met chavez at a safeway market, and he loved my posters.  i have painted cesar on the CHICANO PARK MURALS,  my school and other locations including DOLORES HUERTA with my students for MES DE LA MUJER.  I continue to paint murals and print… all over the world including BELFAST, BARCELONA, HAVANA, YOKOHAMA, SHENZHEN, TIJUANA AND SAN DIEGO.  my views of nuestra raza and working the land are very important,  and will continue being one of the images that i help people understand about our movimiento.

victor o. ochoa