Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Small Things to Keep Close"

Really, I have done so little.  In the 1970’s, Sister Mary Mardel, RSCJ, went to Delano to protest treatment of the farm workers, and was put in jail for a week.  She is now in her 90’s, 20 years my senior.  Her action, as my provincial superior, woke me up. 
I have been so edified by the persistent efforts of the farm workers to push for a living wage, and humane working conditions.  I have been so upset by birth defects caused by pesticides, and deaths by heat exposure.  I passed on the literature to my students.
I am a silent protester, I guess.  I write letters to my congressional reps and to growers, send a few bucks to the UFW here and there, and refuse to purchase items being boycotted.  I was so excited when the Chateau St. Michel (is this the correct name?) 
winery in Washington State actually offered and signed a contract.  I bought their wine, then.  However, the price soon went sky high, and was beyond my means.  I do not march, as I am kind of handicapped.  Nor do I stand outside grocery stores in protest.
I just try to stay close by being very aware, and to pass on the information.
Sister Deanna Rose von Bargen, RSCJ