Cesar Chavez

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"So Much More Than a Union & Labor Organizer"

So Much More Than a Union & Labor Organizer

For me it began as a child, attending mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe with Father McDonald, seeing and sensing changes in the Eastside community surrounding Salsipuedes. As a college student we picketed a Safeway on San Carlos St. Thanks to my mentor, (who obtained a West Valley College District vehicle/flatbed truck), we scoured the Westside to bring food, clothing, furniture & supplies in support of Salinas Strikers. I went on to join La Raza Unida Party & worked with the Southwest Voter Registration Drive. These were the beginnings of my life as an activist, advocate and Student Services Professional. So for me, Cesar was also a catalyst and for the Chicano Movement. He was also a pillar of the the Anti-War, & Civil Rights Movements. He will always be remembered as a great spiritual teacher and in my heart, a Prophet, paving the way towards El Quinto Sol.