Cesar Chavez

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""Sole" Survivor"

I grew up in a farmeros way of life.I experienced these cultural aspects on both sides of my family. As a young student at lee matheson middle school in San Jose, Ca., i remember seeing my grandmother (on my moms side) on stage proposing and talking on behalf of CASA MACSA on Jackson Ave to build the youth center that is there this present day.She use to mention a man named Cesar Chavez and how she had met him. I remember seeing all of this and thats when i started to “open my eyes” to who we as Mexican Americans really are. Back then I didnt really realize what it was for, just another place to hang out. Now, that I am older I understand that it is a place to unite Mexicans on a “raza unidos” perspective. When I use to be with my grandmother (my fathers side) in New Mexico I use to work the chile fields and pick pecans in the orchards. I’ve worked these ways of life first hand and this is why I support the farm workers. I believe first hand that farmworkers are the heart beat of American soil. If hard work is what makes America grow, then farmworkers ARE the seeds. I would like to be more involved in the progress to help farmworkers reach the goals of equality in the work force. Not just considered as a laborer but a hard worker. But, the hecktic way of life to keep things going makes it hard to dedicate my time. This is why I, myself can relate and support the farmworkers. Not on a “cool” level, but a personal level, and personal meaning experienced…..